Beauty Radiates From Within

chasing beauty

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Hi, I'm Nicole. While many may look at the headline above and envision the thrill of the chase in seeking beauty in all it forms, I see it from a different angle entirely. For nearly 20 years I have had the honor of standing behind many sweet souls as they navigate this life. Many have come with the dream of a new look… A nod to the the beauty that radiates from within. They may walk in with the weight of the world on their shoulders, but it is my job to take the beauty they arrive with and enhance it in a way that reminds them of their power…. To fill their cup and their soul with a gentle reminder that they are worthy, loved and send them off with Timeless Confidence. An idea derived from the search of my heart's mission to leave all I touch, better than how they are found. 

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 What if you had the timeless confidence you needed to show up in the world, after a simple visit to salon?

What would it mean if you walked out feeling like you could conquer the world?

You hold the power to create a look you love far past the day you walk out of Salon Refuge. You are worthy, capable, and possess a beauty that shines from within.

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